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What’s Next For UX Design? 14 Tech Experts Share Their Prediction

This Forbes article introduces 14 tech changes that experts predict will alter the user experience and the way UX Design must be delivered to online consumers as every day, more and more people are getting online. While it seems that some of the newer technological user experience design models are understandably intimidating, trends within the current research are being developed with front and backend efficiency in mind. Everything is becoming more simplified with, for instance, AI-generated UX-powered low-code systems. Outside of a future with user experience through voice activation or eye-based interfaces such as augmented reality and virtual reality tech, the article discusses how UX designs are reimagined through machine learning. The low-code element within backend systems will help businesses, especially publishers, cut the time they acquire content and deliver content print or digital to their clients. The user experience is intended to be fluid and flexible, so UX Design will chart a course for user-centered design. One of the predictions, number five, states that the user experience from the UX Design side must be filled with a “commitment to the entire customer journey.” The user experience and online journey are quite possibly the most crucial element. Suppose designers misplace or are distracted in their duty to the consumer with the advent of machine learning and AI-generated low-code power. The work we do for the future can be wasted if the user in the experience is overlooked.

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