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In Getting Smarter About E-books for

Children, we deal with the concerns built over the years with early childhood reading and literacy. The connection of options between “story-time,” where the child can have the story read to them, or they can click to read the e-book themselves or choose the “playtime (video game) option. With a growing trend of e-books for children leaning toward entertainment, educators have found that children often don’t remember the stories or words when the e-book reads to them. They found even less educational retainment when the child presses a button to scroll through the story and only plays the video game of the story instead. The fear is that the children aren’t learning, and e-book engagement for young children needs rethinking with educational understanding rather than a distraction from the learning with too much fun. The article finds that with e-books and all their options, young children may not know the story or the words in the story.

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